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For over a year, Saint Dunstan's Episcopal Church Contemporary Worship has devoted its energy to passionately leading a worship service through integrating contemporary music into Episcopal Liturgy

We currently have two music and tech teams and many team opportunities to serve.  We have an adult music team which consists of guitars, drums, keys and singers, as well as a youth band.

Another one of our ministries is youth and adult Tech Teams so there are many possibilities for people of all age to participate.

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Our Media teams are looking for volunteers to run the technology for our services.  If you have any interest in any becoming a part of this ministry, please contact us.  No experience is required.

Our Mission for Saint Dunstan's Episcopal Church Contemporary Worship is to create an interesting and lively worship while keeping with traditional Episcopal Liturgy.

We are always searching for volunteers with an interest in music or technology for our teams.  If you have a talent for singing, plaing an instrument, running computers, or would like to learn to mix sound, we would love to have you join us!


We are currently looking for volunteers for our Music and Technology and many other ministries.  If you have any desire to volunteer for, we will be able to find you a place.  If you would like to view our Welcome Video on YouTube, please click the YouTube icon in the bottom righthand corner of the video box.

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Father Rob

Lead Pastor

  • Wednesday Night Praise Team- 6:00p
  • Thursday Night Choir Rehearsal- 6:30p
  • Sunday Morning Service Rehearsal- 8:00a
  • Sunday Evening Youth Band-7:00p

Saint dunstan's contemporary worship

Doug Harrington

Director of Communications and Media

Justin Craig

Director of Contemporary Worship and Sound

  • 9:01 Contemporary Service